Betty Molison’s sampler

Betty Molison, born in the parish of Lethnot, Forfarshire in 1824, worked this sampler in wool as a child. It also bears the name of her sister Agnes. Betty brought the sampler with her to Dunedin, New Zealand, in 1872, when she migrated with her husband David Stewart and some of their large family. Now…

Shipboard diary of Mary Ann McCrystal

This extract comes from the brief diary written on board the Tintern Abbey en route from Gravesend to Christchurch, December 1874 to May 1875. The diary was written by Mary Ann McCrystal (née Patterson), who came to New Zealand from Ayr in Scotland, with her husband John Wilson McCrystal and their infant daughter Sarah Ann….

Ram’s Head Snuff Mull

This Ram’s Head Snuff Mull was produced in Edinburgh in 1875 for the Mosgiel Woollen Company in New Zealand. That Company was founded, in 1871, on the western outskirts of Dunedin in New Zealand’s South Island, by Arthur John Burns. Originally from Ayrshire, Burns had arrived in New Zealand in 1848 together with his parents….

Gentleman in Scottish kilt

A good supply of clothes was important for migrants to take – primarily because they needed to have something to wear, of course, but also because new places of settlement could be remote and not have the kinds of supplies people were used to (at least not initially). At the same time clothes could be…